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Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Natural Beauty Box: WTF

Now, I am rarely stunned when a subscription disappoints the hell out of me. Heck, I was a Glymm subber! The Natural Beauty Box has failed to rebound after the December/ January disaster. I really wanted them to succeed. I really loved the boxes in the beginning. Somehow, I don't think I can feel that anymore. All that there is left to do is wait until August, which will be the end of my subscription. It is $30/month to subscribe to this ridiculousness. I do not recommend this subscription at all. April and May have been sent together which, on paper, sounds like a pretty good deal. April was extremely late and they failed to communicate at all, let alone effectively, with their customers until the end of May. (WTF?) So when the two arrived together, I actually was excited. Then I opened them.........

April Box

Top Left to right:

Oatmeal Chai Natural Soap Bar sample from Arachnes Demise- $1.50 
Naturalana Dry Shampoo/Dusting powder sample-$4
Naturalana Foot Ease Foot Scrub Sample-$1.17

Middle Left to Right:

Green Visions Aromathereapy bath & shower gel- $1.25
Into Blue lotion sample- $1
pldbody Peppermint Fizzie sample- $1
Abbalope Natural Soap Sample-$0.50

Bottom left to right:

Herbolution Calendula Chamomile Cleansing Grains sample- $1.60
Opale Essence All Natural Mineral Eye Shadow sample- $1.50
FyreWurk Shop votive candle- $1.75


May Box

The Bath Cafe Tart Melt sample- $1.60
Cheeky Chickie Soap sample- $0.88
Earth Angel Minerals Butter Cream Skin Balancer sample- $1.50

Plus Facile Natural Bath Salt sample-$2.00
Passion Moon Potions Perfume sample vial- $0.85
Sycamore Boutique Lip Tint- $2.95
and Under eye cream sample-$2.95

Molly Rose Balms lip balm sample- $0.63
Holitic Owl Owlchy Ointment Sample- $1.00
and Body Butter Sample- $1.00

Total= $15.36

Both of these boxes total what it costs for a month subscription. I'm not sure if they are changing their business model and now promoting indie artisans or etsy shops. And I'm all for small and independent business. A lot of these products do sound wonderful and I am excited to try them. But where in the hell did TNBB mention to their paying customers they were doing this? What happened to the note: 'btw we're buying itty bitty samples for you guys and charging the same, already outrageous price.'? Hey girls, for the $30 some customers paid for this, I could have done a better job putting this box together. This is unbelievable.  If you had any customer base before, they will virtually disappear now. This now definitely feels like a scam. The website hasn't even made mention of any changes and still promises the deluxe 10-15 samples per box. Where is the deluxe in either of these boxes? The full sized votive candle? Votive candles are small by definition. I for one will be glad to be rid of this service come August. TNBB, don't even think of trying to send me an invoice to renew my subscription in August as I will be ripping it up and contacting Paypal ASAP. 


  1. thanks for the honest review - I had won a jewellery themed type box and the necklace was hideous (As were the matching earrings) As well it arrived 2.5 months later then it was supposed to. If the order would have been on time, and it had been at least a nice looking item, I prob would have signed up.

    1. haha - I think I know which company that is..hehe.. Mine was the exact time & products.

  2. If I were you I'd call and cancel or call your credit card company and say fraud. Unbelievable!

  3. I did the Dec box (1 time only) & never looked back.

    1. They own Delizioso's
      I have never received my lipstick to date.. from Dec 2012

    2. This will probably pour salt in that wound, but they sent me a lipstick for lipstick arrived with these boxes :(

    3. Really.. how interesting! Well.. glad you got yours.. least I only lost $10

  4. How disappointing! I wouldn't even wait until August. I'd definitely contact whoever it is you are using to pay them and do a chargeback if you can.

  5. They really suck. I had not seen them on my FB feed since the December issues and I saw the other day that they were sending two boxes at once... That sounded really weird to begin with, but not surprising I guess. I would really contact my cc company if I were you and with the stuff they sent and lateness, etc. it should suffice as proof that they didn't deliver and you could get the balance of your sub reimbursed I would think.

  6. I had originally ordered the April box in March and finally did a Paypal charge back in early May when they hadn't shipped the box and weren't responding to messages. Now I'm so glad I did the charge back and didn't wait for this pathetic box.

  7. After that whole drama that happened with the late boxes and then the price increase I bailed. I honestly have to say that I don't regret it. This isn't worth it anymore and it just sucks that you are locked in for another two months

  8. Wow...this is just awful...geez...I would be so angry!

  9. Wow, that is unbelievable. I agree with the others, you should just cancel it now and see if you can stop the payments. It's probably not worth it to wait till August.

  10. Where did you get the prices?

    1. I went to ever etsy store they listed and a lot of them were listed as items you could buy.

  11. Glad when my subscription up too, samples way too small and some just useless to me like orange eyeshadow?


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