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Thursday 6 June 2013

Tashodi Handsoap and Cream Review

Hello Lovelies! I need to give some applause to Tashodi's  Hand Wash and Creme. Tashodi is a bath & bodycare company based in Toronto, ON. Their products feature organic natural products. Another great thing to note: a lot of the materials they use, such as essential oils, are fair trade. (from their website)

Tashodi believes that taking time to nurture ourselves through a regular self-care ritual creates a sense of inner peace that carries us with grace and purpose throughout our day. Our Fair Trade practices ensure that all individuals from producers to harvesters are paid a fair price for the work they do. In keeping with our passion for ethical and sustainable business practices, we’re proud that our products are 100 percent Canadian made.

That being said, another oH Canada! review :)
I have never had much luck with liquid soaps. I cringe when I'm in a place where there are only liquid soaps. They dry my hands out severely to the point of dry itchy skin. On some occasions I get redness and severe irritation. I was embarrassed to have anyone even see my hands in public. So I tend to avoid liquid hand soaps. 

Ocean Minerals Hand Cream and Green Coffee & Citrus Hand wash

I approached the hand wash with a little caution. It felt like any other hand soap, I suppose. Gooey, thick. It gave a good lather too when the time came. The smell was unique. Neither coffee nor citrus dominated the scent. They were both equal and not overbearing. After rinsing I waited for that dry, itch feeling I always get after using a liquid hand soap. It didn't happen. Hmm... I began to notice a change in my hands when I was using the hand wash more frequently. My skin was actually better. I'm not kidding. My hands actually felt soft and supple. No red spots! No itch! :O The hand wash contains essential citrus oil and antioxidants from green coffee. Those would be the heroes!
The Hand creme was a treat to use after. I'd say the quality of this creme is on par with ones those use at the beauty parlour to massage your hands when you get a mani done. The cream was so silky, I give myself a hand massage ever time I use it. Its actually quite relaxing. The Ocean Minerals scent actually had a more spearmint smell to it. It was refreshing. The Hand Cream contains pure shea butter for deep moisturizing. Another hero!

I still can't believe it when I look at my hands and see smooth skin. My hands are fixed! Thank you, Tashodi!

I was sent these products for review purposes. The thoughts and opinions expressed are mine own. My hands are happy.

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