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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

For Dear old Dad..........

Everytime my dad is over and Onyx is atop the cat tower, she does her little 'Come rub my belly and give me all your attention!' pose. She lays back, paws curled, eyes big and cute. It is really hard to say no, so my dad always gives her a little rub between the ears or on the belly. And for some reason, she never freaks out or scratches him or growls at him. She's such a good grand-kitty! It might also be because my dad gives them treats when he is cat sitting for us. Lots of treats!

A Father's Day Gift Idea 
I always try to get my dad something he can use but still have fun with for Dad's Day. I always pass on ties and mugs and stuff. I've gotten him BBQ stuff over the years. But I always look for new gift ideas. So I came across this gift idea from Demeter Fragrance Library and I thought I'd share it with you. 
Why not get Dad a fragrance that can trigger some good memories? A favourite smell? A favourite time? I thought I would check it out.

They have some pretty masculine scents! And who better to help me choose one for my dad then my husband? From left to right, we sniffed!:

Gin & Tonic: I was a little afraid this would have someone smelling like a drunk.....but I was totally wrong! It had a very masculine, sea and citrus smell. No alcohol smell here. It was my husband's favourite out of the three. 

Mahogany: This didn't smell like a heavy wood like I thought it might. It had a more earthy, spice smell to it. It was very simple and I liked it. I think my dad will too. He wears colognes very similar to this one. 

Oud: I've never heard of this scent before and I thought it was maybe supposed to be Mud? It had a very spicy, cinnamon smell to it. It was definitely interesting to try and figure out since I didn't know what it was. Its definitely the sweetest of the three as well.

I had fun trying out these different scents and my dad will be the proud owner of one come June 16.

Demeter Fragrance now has a $19.99 flat shipping to Canada. This will also include duties and taxes so there are no extra fees for Canadian customers. Hurray! :)

I love how Demeter scents are simple and get the olfactory working. How about you? Check out Demeter Fragrance Library. What scent would bring some smiles to your dad's face?

I was sent these products for review purposes. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine own. 


  1. Hey Gen! Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you to do the Colours of the Rainbow tag!
    :) Chelsey

  2. What a great gift idea for Father's Day!
    I had seen the Gin & Tonic fragrance before and also thought it might smell of alcohol! lol
    Onyx is as pretty as usual :)


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